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Confirmation and Reaffirmation

At Baptism, certain promises are made to follow the “Jesus way of life” and develop a living and meaningful relationship with God. Confirmation provides an opportunity to say “yes” to these promises after the person baptized has spent some time trying to live the Jesus way – to “confirm” his/her original decision. Most Confirmation candidates are young people who were baptized in infancy and wish to confirm the promises made on their behalf by parents and sponsors. Ideally, they will be in their mid to late teens (16-19) when they are mature enough to make important life decision on their own.

Preparation for Confirmation involves a programme which is larger and more comprehensive than preparation for Baptism. Its purpose is not only to present a simple and attractive explanation of what Anglicans believe but to provide a bridge between their personal life-experience and those Christian concepts. Although it can be completed through individual study, it is best done in a small group where sharing and discussion is possible. It culminates in a special worship service at which the Bishop presides.

Confirmation as a teenager continues the journey of faith as a Christian. But, many years later, as an active member of a local community congregation, some feel the need for further study to deepen their spiritual development. This involves an intensive programme, hopefully in a small group, often including confirmation candidates. It concludes with a worship service celebrated by the Bishop and is called Reaffirmation.

Persons interested in Confirmation or Reaffirmation should talk to our parish priest or call  –  416-261-4169

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